DESIRE FOODS is highly experienced in this activity for procurement of raw materials, we had the knowledge how to produce quality Dehydrated Onion products with hygienic conditions as per today's international standards to meet all the customers' requirements. Thus beginning the production with a yearly capacity of 4000 metric tons of Dehydrated Onion products it has gained a grand success to achieve its total sale to its renowned quality conscious clients till today.

DESIRE FOODS, has been recognized by many of its clients mainly in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France, UAE, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Liberia, & many other countries, its goal does not have a full stop here, but still to be recognized throughout the world to other customers by supplying best quality products.

Understanding the needs of our customers, giving prompt answers and resolutions to problems and queries and dealing with them swiftly, efficiently and courteously are all factors in our approach to customer service and secondly the main cause for achieving this standard of progress is the pre-planned entire factory set up, which is well organized, as well as the process of manufacturing is adopted in such a manner, due to which factory remains in a sanitized, Hygienic Condition, standardized as per today's international requirements for a Food Manufacturing Unit.